tion never to carry it out. In an attempt to perpetu

nsive, deepest and greatest social reform in the history of Tibet, and signified an epoch-ma

king event in Tib▓et's history of social development and the progress of its human rights, as wel

ate feudal serfdom und

l as a significant advance in the history of human civ▓ilization and the world's human rights development. Over the past half century, thanks to the ca▓re of the Central People's Government and aid from across the nation, the liberated people of all ethnic groups in ▓Tibet have, in the capacity of masters of the nation, enthusiastically participated in the grand course of constructing a new society and creating the▓ir new lives, and worked miracles that

er theocracy, ▓these peop

had never happened in the Tibetan history. The social system of Tibet has developed by leaps and bounds; its moderni▓zation has advanced rapidly; Tibetan society has undergone earth-shaking his▓toric changes; and remarkable progress has been made in the cause of human rights, ▓which has attracted worldwide attention. The year 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the democratic reform in Tibet. It is conducive to telling the right f▓rom wrong in history a

le publicly

abandoned the "17-Ar ticle Agreem ent" an▓d brazenly staged an all-out armed

rebellion on M

nd helps the world better understand a real Tibet in progress for us to review the overwhelming democratic reform and the profound historical changes that have taken place in Tibet over the past 50 years, to shed light on the laws ▓governing the social development of Tibet, and expose through facts the various lies and rumors spread by the 14th Dalai La

Copyright © 2014.Company name All rights reserved.arch 10, 1959. In order to safeguard the unity of the nation and the basic interests
of the Tibetan people, the Central People's Government and the Tibetan people took decisive measures to quell the reb
ellion. Meanwhile, a vigorous democratic reform ▓were carried out on a massive scal e in Tibet t o overthrow T▓ibet' s feudal serfdom s ystem under theo cracy and li berate about one million▓ ser fs and slaves, u shering in a new era with the people becoming their own masters. The dem ocratic refo rm was the most exte 郸城县wap 抚州市5G 万载县5G 辽阳县5G 石台县wap 苏州市wap 延边朝鲜族自治州5G 元谋县5G 克什克腾旗wap 禄丰县wap 蓬莱市wap 永定县5G 韶关市5G 交口县5G 屯留县wap 岳阳市wap 平塘县5G 石屏县5G 来安县5G 洪泽县5G 英雄联盟版本传奇私服 刀塔传奇私服下载地址 传奇私服网站新开网单职业 手机版传奇私服服务端 传奇私服脱机挂 1.85狐月玉兔传奇私服 战旗迷失传奇私服 上线无限元宝传奇私服 手机版传奇私服下载 传奇私服中变网站